Signature Menu

#1. Crispy Dragon Roll
avocado+crab stick+asparagus+deep fried unagi on top with special sauce
#2. Deep Fried Cali Roll
deeo fried cali roll with spicy tuna on top(spicy mayo, eel, wasabi sauce
#3. Dolsot Bibimbap
*Choose your sauce: 1. chilli (red) pepper sauce, 2. sprcial soy sauce, 3. spicy peanut sauce
*add topping $1.00-beef, chicken, or tofu a dish of rice mxed with various vegetibles and a sauce with egg
#4. Green Monster Roll
shrimp tempura,+spicy crab (imitation)+cucumber & Avocado on top with sweet & wasabi sauce
#5. Nats Roll
avocado tempura crunch (8 pcs) red fish egg on top
#6. Power Energy Roll
shrimp tempura, eel, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber+variety of fish egg
#7. Salmon Hammock
deep fried rice with spicy salmon, avocado, fish egg,+crunchy with spicy mayo $ eel sauce
#8 Shrimp Roll on Fire
shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber & crunchy +cooked shrimp on top with eel sauce, spicy mayo, wasabi sauce
#9. Tuna Tataki Roll
spicy tuna roll with fresh tuna on top + special tataki sauce
#10. Spicy Salmon Cake
spicy salmon+fresh salmon american cheese on top crunchy+fresh egg on top (no nori)
#11. Spicy Tuna Poppers
spicy tuna, crab meat with crunchy (no rice) sweet eel sauce & spicy sauce on top
#12. Super Tempura Roll
shrimp tempura+green ben tempura+onion tempura+sweet potato tempura+zucchini tempura+fish egg on top with crunchy + spicy mayo
#13. Sushi Roll Cake
A. Spicy Tuna Cake+spicy tuna, fresh egg crunchy
B. Shrimp tempura cake+shredded crab meat crunchy, eel sauce, spicy sauce on top
#14 Under the C
deep fried softshell crab on bed of seaweed salad real crab+avocado with cooked shrimp or rainbow roll on top (+$1.00)